Friday, March 1, 2013

Huh...go figure

I've learned something truly amazing! If you choose to post a note letting everyone know of a change in the moderation of comments, you have to actually change that in settings. Oddly enough, the blog settings don't immediately change themselves in response to my thoughts or my writing. Weird...


  1. Reckon that Jedi Mind-meld thing only works in the movies and in Obama World.

  2. When it comes to computers, I figure out how to do something after hours of digging and cussing. The next time, I have to go through the same process, since I forget how I got to the answer. Oy!

  3. LOL....Artificially Intelligent computers still not on our desktops. Guess they are stuck in the same spot as our flying cars and 3-d holographic TV sets.

    Not the future I wanted (aka Star Trek) but more like Orwell's future.

    1. Yeah. 13 years late on my flying car...not to mention my Star Trek replicator.